The periodic table of social issues

The periodic table of social issues

  • 08/11/2013 10:10

Don’t worry; you’re still on the right website. This periodic table has nothing to do with physics of chemistry, but is indeed inspired by the periodic table of elements which we all learned to love (or hate) during or high school careers.

Now almost-famous design studio Dorothy crated a rather intriguing piece of art which closely resembles some of the major issues we’re talking about here on the website. The so called Periodic Table of Social Issues is designed to reflect the real periodic table of elements which is organized by atomic number and chemical properties.


The Periodic Table of Social Issues Dorothy

However, the period table of social issues doesn’t show any elements, but you can probably guess it by the name, it shows our society’s biggest social issues. Even though it’s sometimes arguable whether greed and poverty are the most abundant social issues of them all, the overall idea of this table greatly reflects how many people think about society.


Greed, the hydrogen of sins Dorothy


The super-heavy evils Dorothy

One of the most important things however on the periodic table are the two bottom rows, which represent hope on this overall gloomy table. Virtues like honesty, selflessness and liberty fill the spaces which are normally occupied by rare radioactive elements.

Are human virtues becoming rarer? Or are we just becoming greedier and enlarging the gap between rich and poor? Or maybe a combination of both? Anyhow, we love ideas and art pieces like this which shout out a strong message to the outside world.

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