Young girl challenging a social evil

Young girl challenging a social evil

  • 25/05/2013 10:00

Here’s another inspiring story for you folks out there. Like some of you may now, there’s a centuries old ‘tradition’ in some parts of India where children (girls) as young as 12 years old are being married to men sometimes 40 years older.

In many western eyes, and some Indian eyes as well, this is considered to be one of the most notable social evils of Indian society. Even though there have been many discussions and issues about the tradition throughout the last couple of years, it is still held in place by many communities within India.

However, back in 2009 something extraordinary happened which caught the attention of both Indian and worldwide media. A 14 year old girl under the name of Ansu Kanwar was one of the first persons to ever publicly stand up against the child marriage tradition. Not only did she refuse to be a child bride, but she took up the courage to say no to an arranged marriage between here and a 55 year old disabled man.

Even though her actions shook up a lot of commotion within her family and her village, she was awarded by the state for her bravery. Looks like we’re one step closer to getting rid of some of the world’s social evils.

Child Marriage
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